Multi X Workshop

About this Event
What is MULTI-X?

MULTI-X was designed to foster scalable computing, software portability, reproducible science and multidisciplinary collaboration across the research community. It streamlines the development and translation process of existing and novel applications. It facilitates the connection with federated data repositories, leveraging on-demand cloud computing resources for large-scale executions and providing analysis tools to get immediate insights about the results.The workshop includes a complete review of MULTI-X services and hands-on activities focused on two uses cases:

Keras/Tensorflow based deep learning model training & evaluation for digit (MNIST) classification.
Pytorch based segmentation of cardiac CT/MRI.
Why attend?

To get advice on how to bring to life your Machine Learning / Deep Learning project by leveraging a SHAREABLE, SCALABLE and REPRODUCIBLE development environment.
Experience the whole Software Development Life Cycle from TRAINING to TESTING, from PROTOTYPING to VALIDATION, guided through real use cases and illustrative examples.
Learn basic Software Development Techniques to increase the PORTABILITY and REPRODUCIBILITY of your prototypes.
Who should attend?

Software Developers
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