Hack for Impact: Yorkshire – Warm-up Session
This is a public event
ODI Leeds
3rd Floor - Munro House
Duke Street

Hack for Impact: Yorkshire – Warm-up Session

Hack for Impact: Yorkshire is our next hackathon. The concept of a ‘data dashboard’ for Yorkshire has been bouncing around our events and conversations for a while now, and we have already either worked on or seen smaller projects that examine specific topics such as the gender pay gap, innovation hubs, productivity and transport, etc. Understanding a whole region is a tricky task – where do you even start?

The good news is that we’re not alone in our questioning. Yorkshire Water have been developing new methods and techniques for evaluating their own value and impact. They wanted to look beyond just financial measurements as this doesn’t include the often invisible and intangible effects of their operations. They have data and resources that they can share around these new methods of measurement.

As with all of our larger hackathons, we like to have a casual ‘warm up session’ ahead of the main event. This is a chance for people to ask questions, find out what data will be available, and what to expect during the hackathon. It also lets us gauge interest and find out who is missing from the discussion. For example, if we need to reach out to more developers or data scientists, or make sure that there are strategy people in the room. The discussions from warm up sessions often end up shaping specific themes or challenges for the main hackathon as well, which can be really helpful for people who might need some direction.

Here is the Google Doc where we will put all the notes from the warm-up session. Please feel free to add questions, make suggestions, share existing work, etc now.

Please come along if you want to be a part of the conversation about measuring social impact across Yorkshire. We want your questions, your experiences of trying to measure impact, your recommended data sources, and more.