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Free Friday lunchtime lectures – Who’ll run the law, wo(man) or machine?

Date: 06/01/2017
Organiser: ODI Leeds
Tickets: Get Tickets 
Venue: ODI Leeds, 3rd Floor Munro House, Leeds, LS9 8AG

Interpreting the law requires years of study. In any case you need to carefully and objectively analyse the facts and judge them based on legal precedent and principles of justice.

Open data and digital technologies are arguably bringing about an unprecedented change in how we engage with the law, since more firms are adopting machine learning to help with due diligence, compliance and contract review. As legal aid budgets get smaller, is the legal sector ready for online dispute resolution to democratise access to legal information?

In this lecture, Callum Murray sets out what he foresees as the future of machine learning in the legal sector and the open legal data infrastructure that underpins it.

Live-streamed from ODI headquarters in London. Bring your lunch, we have the tea/coffee. Enjoy! :)

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