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Hack My Route – Saturday

Date: 07/02/2015
Organiser: West Yorkshire Combines Authority (METRO)
Venue: ODI Leeds

Leeds Data Mill have joined forces with West Yorkshire Combined Authority (formerly Metro), and ODI Leeds to create Hack My Route, a creative hack day designed to bring cyclists together with road safety specialists and creative developers to create a new service for cyclists across the wider West Yorkshire region.

There are a number of different route planners available to cyclist some official some not, some have safety information, some don’t. Some are user generated and can often mis-inform, some are officially produced but lack a sense of community and user interface.

The purpose of Hack My Route is to involve cyclists, programmers and coders to develop a prototype for displaying cycle routes, bridleways, public rights of way and cycling accident black spots in a single place using open data from Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and other data sources.

The winning prototype will be awarded £4,500 development funding and a residency at ODI Leeds for the project*

Some hackers will be more experienced than others and arrive on Saturday all ready to get stuck in and start creating solutions. Whilst this is fine, for the less experienced hackers we will also be providing a framework for the day to help keep you on track. The framework will include:

9.30am Welcome, registration and refreshments

10am-11am  Are you on the right team?
Following Friday’s briefing each team will present their initial thoughts. Hack My Route is meant to be as fun as it is challenging, so if you like another team’s idea better then you’ll have the freedom to move to that team at this point.

11am-12.30pm What’s your idea?
This time will be used to further develop your concept as a team and to develop what resources you might need for the rest of the challenge.

12.30pm Lunch

1pm-3pm Code, create, test
This s the hands on bit where you build a working prototype of your idea.

3pm-4.30pm Refining your idea
By this point you should have created a prototype, now you need to check that it meets the brief and that it works how you thought it would. You’ll need to sue this time to think about how to present your idea to the judging panel.

4.30pm Presenting your idea
Each group will be given 10 minutes to tell the rest of the hackers and the judges about their idea and show off their handy work.

5.30pm Prizes
The winning hack will be announced and runner up prizes will be awarded.

6.00pm Close

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