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Leeds Data Warehousing (DWH)/BI/Machine Learning (ML) Group

Date: 19/07/2017
Organiser: Jonathan
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Venue: TBC

Calling all Database, Business Intelligence, and Data Analyst professionals! We’d love to start a meet up once a month to share knowledge from some key speakers, have a beer and a slice of pizza and discuss what’s coming up in the world of data.
We’ll meet in Leeds City Centre for a couple of hours, hear from a speaker or two, perhaps you can offer some insight? We intend to hold our first event in the coming month.

Guest Speaker – Andy Kirk – Data
The Rights, The Wrongs And The Greys of Data Visualisation
In this talk, Andy Kirk will curate a whirlwind tour around some of the contemporary challenges that face the craft of data visualisation. In the era in which we now live, data and visual literacy is as important as ever, both as creators and as consumers.
Andy will shine a light on some of the tensions in this discipline, looking at the rights – the things to do – the wrongs – the things to avoid – and the elusive greys – the ‘maybes’ and the ‘possiblys’.
The audience will leave with a greater appreciation of how non-technical and often seemingly small-scale details can have a big impact on the effectiveness, or otherwise, of the visual communication of data.
For more information or if you are interested in speaking, get in touch – Jonathan – Fruition IT – 0113 323 9747

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