Making your data work for you webinar
Organiser: Local Government Association
This is a public event

Making your data work for you webinar

The Local Government Association (LGA), in partnership with the Open Data Institute (ODI), is pleased to provide three online webinars to consider local government information management practices and tips and examples for making better use and re-use of data that is collect as part of day to day operations.

These webinars will be available for all interested parties but are particularly directed at councillors and local government officers responsible for information management, policy and service design within their organisations. They build upon the successful series run in 2016 in which we focused on the principles moving towards open data publishing to consistent standards and best practices.

The content and subject areas will accompany the three latest additions to the LGA’s suite of eLearning modules. These new modules, published in March 2017, aim to support better use of local government data and build on 2016 work with Nesta to identify good practice in local data management as set out in the Wise Council final report. They will last for up to 90 minutes and will take the form of an instructional talk, with demonstrations by an ODI trainer with the ability for participants to pause proceedings and ask questions and further clarifications.

This webinar will focus on making your data work for you. Data is transforming the way local authorities work. This module looks at why local government is turning to data to solve problems and improve processes, some of the tools they use to do it, and how success is being measured. Other webinars include: