Meet Grace, a bot to boost your well-being, ODI Leeds lunchtime lecture

Since winning the ODI Showcase in 2015, the first product that Plexus has produced is ‘Grace’, an AI bot. For five minutes each day, Grace asks users questions about their challenges, confidence, positivity and how useful they have felt the day has been. Users can then explore the data they record in weekly, customised emails and a personalisable online dashboard.

Plexus also uses machine learning to direct users to its knowledge base, which aggregates data sourced from over 25 different government services, NGOs and charities including Mind, Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert and Shelter. Open data sits at the heart of this process, from supporting users learn to helping develop Grace’s ability to understand and predict. A primary goal for Plexus is to produce meaningful open datasets that have the power to shape service provision on a regional and national level.

Live-streamed from ODI headquarters in London. Bring your own lunch, we provide tea and coffee, and enjoy.