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Supporting Leeds Innovation Lab

Date: 18/04/2016
Organiser: Leeds City Council
Venue: Leeds City Centre

Datasets will be tagged: supporting leeds. This is an internal Leeds City Council Innovation Lab where we team up service providers, service users and technologists to address a burning issue.

Sometimes individuals’ needs may be complex and require help, support and intervention from a variety of sources. We want to look at how we can improve access to quality and consistent advice and support in two areas:

1) The council and partner agencies want to ensure that no matter where someone seeks help in the first instance (e.g. the council contact centre, one stop shops etc.), they receive the same standard of advice each and every time. We also want to empower citizens to help themselves – signposting them to a variety of services across the city. Providing this information in an easy to use and understandable way will mean they can take control of their own lives.

2) Tacking Domestic Violence has been identified as a key priority in the city and there is a project underway involving a range of partners including the voluntary sector. We need to ensure that victims of abuse and perpetrators can easily access support where and when they need it. Sometimes, an individual will need to take quick and decisive action to remove themselves from a difficult situation. We want to ensure that the best possible information and advice is available to help people make decisions. It is important to address underlying issues not just concentrate on what is most apparent.

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