Some properties are the subject of a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN) for a Selective Licence served by Leeds City Council. TENs last for a maximum of 3 month and are served when a landlord is taking certain steps to ensure that their property no longer needs a licence.

This shortened online register shows the Temporary Exemption Notices (TENs) that have been served and are in force in respect of privately rented properties in Beeston / Harehills.

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·   If you have any queries in relation to a property which has been licensed, or which you feel should be licensed, please contact the Selective Licensing Team on 0113 535 1369 or email:

·    If you would like to see the full length register of licences issued and /or Temporary Exemption Notices (TENs) , please contact the Selective Licensing Team on 0113 535 1369 or ema to make an appointment.

The Register of Selective Licences is available here

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