This dataset contains information on a wide range of community groups and activities in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport. Activities are categorised according to the day(s) they take place and the types of activity on offer. Data for these categories is stored in multiple fields as a group may fall into multiple categories.

Selected metadata:

Monday: Meets on a Monday

Tuesday: Meets on a Tuesday

Wednesday: Meets on a Wednesday

Thursday: Meets on a Thursday

Friday: Meets on a Friday

Saturday: Meets on a Saturday

Sunday: Meets on a Sunday

Frequency: How often the activity is held

Periodic: When the activity is held

Cost: Cost to participate

Type1: Activity type (Health)

Type2: Activity type (Physical/sport)

Type3: Activity type (Social)

Type4: Activity type (Environmental)

Type5: Activity type (Events)

Type6: Activity type (Food/drink)

Type7: Activity type (Business)

Type8: Activity type (Creative)

Type9: Activity type (Educational)

Type10: Activity type (Other)

Type11: Activity type (Additional type)

Details: Further details



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