In December 2010 the UK Government launched a strategy entitled “Britain’s Superfast Broadband Future”, which had the objective of establishing a framework to facilitate the roll-out of Superfast Broadband (SFBB) and basic broadband across the country. Subsequently, the Government committed GBP £530 million of funding to meet this objective, which is where part of the funding for this project is derived from. The Government’s broadband delivery arm 'Broadband Delivery UK' (BDUK) was set up to administer the programme and deliver the vision for better broadband across the UK, by bringing together the public and private sector investment.

The following dataset is the results of a broadband satisfaction questionnaire completed by the residents and businesses broken down by postcode sector.

Addtional Information

Our research indicates that gaps in broadband coverage in West Yorkshire are prevalent in both urban as well as rural locations affecting both residential and business premises. Latest projections suggest that there are approximately 132,000 premises (13% of all premises in the sub region) which are either poorly or not served at all by broadband infrastructure.

The project will also aim to ensure that any new broadband provision it supports is provided to communities and businesses at a fair price through an open network which attracts a wide variety of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – ensuring healthy competition in the local broadband market.

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Superfast West Yorkshire Broadband Questionnaire