The following dataset provides data from a weather balloon science project conducted by the Year 6 students of Otley All Saints. 

The students entered and won a competition to win a 'space kit'. The kit enabled the class to launch, track and retrieve a weather balloon. The payload included a Go-Pro camera, a data recorder and a GPS device. Initially, it was hoped some good visuals of the Earth from high altitude would be retrieved. The students were also interested in air temperature, air pressure (particularly at burst point) and the direction of travel of the balloon. It was noted with interest that the temperature rose twice during ascent, which could have been during the two cloud layers the balloon passed through.

Further information

  • You can find the pupils winning submission here and footage of the flight here (note: the date on the video is July and should be June and the final altitude on the video is 22000 but should be 22000, these corrections should be updated as soon as possible).
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Eagle balloon flight data

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Eagle balloon flight data