A dataset providing the daily solar pv generation for domestic and commercial properties in Leeds. 

Please note

The daily meter readings file contains automated Meter readings in kWh (kilowatt hour) by site (note, some historic data still to be added).

The locations file contains postcode outcode informtion on LCC domestic systems, and address level information on non-domestic systems, and the following photovoltaic panel information:

  • kWp - the max output power of installed panels (kilowatt peak).
  • Bearing_N - the panel orientation (degrees from North i.e 180 = due south)
  • Inclination - the angle of the panel from horizontal (degrees)

Further information

For further information visit: http://www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/Pages/Solar-panels.aspx

Automated update

This dataset is uploaded automatically.

UK Open Government Licence
Last Update
8 years ago