Before Covid-19, FareShare UK regularly distributed surplus food to third sector organisations across Leeds from their warehouses in Barnsley and Beeston.

Once lockdown measures began in the w/c 16 March, Leeds City Council opened a larger warehouse in Leeds to provide space to store more food and arrange emergency food delivery and distribution withing social distance guidelines

The Leeds Warehouse was established as a response to Covid-19 and receives food from Fareshare in Barnsley and Beeston and is an indication of the amount of food being delivered in the Council's joint and partnership response to Emergency Food Provision during the pandemic.

The total amount of food to Leeds is all the Food being delivered to Leeds by FareShare. This figure includes food to the Leeds Warehouse and food to third sector organisations such as food banks, soup kitchens, and charities.

From 15/07/20 the data was changed to being recorded on a fortnightly instead of weekly basis.

NB The large Leeds Warehouse was wound down from 1st Sept, after which point a smaller warehouse was set up to make up food parcels as part of the post lockdown emergency support service. From this date the report shows food being delivered to third sector organisations and is reported on an adhoc basis.

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