A dataset providing the background, list of solutions and outcome for the LEODIS innovation lab. 

The lab was held on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 and commissioned by ICT services, Leeds City Council. 

Development question

How can we clean or refine the existing dataset of images available on LEODIS so that this can be integrated with any future development of the website. Secondly, can we increases access to images across multiple platforms and social sharing channels, bridging the generational gap. Finally, how can we accommodate any further increase in images. We will explore a number of themes on the day, including meta-data, copyright, maintain income generation, how do we manage high & low resolution imagery.  In terms of outcomes from the day - The concepts explored, developed and proposed need to retain the income currently generated from sales of images through LEODIS with an angle of increasing visitors and attracting visitors to Leeds through the shop window which is Leodis in its new digital format.


The solution developed by Tim Waters has been developed into a proof of concept and is being used by the Library Service. 

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To find out about urban sustainability labs click on the following link: http://sustainabledevelopmentlab.com/

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LEODIS innovation lab

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LEODIS innovation lab

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LEODIS innovation lab