This zipped file from contains the following datasets:

  • Monday to Friday schedule data for routes 467/468, 469, 482/483/485
  • Transxchange XML format (export from OmniTimes scheduling software) with farestage references
  • Excel export of all associated faretables from Ticketer web portal
  • Excel mapping of faretable references from Ticketer web portal

#TravelHack 'test' data

  • NOTE: This is the first time this type of data, that is, the ability to flag farestages within Transxchange output, has been released by Rosso. As such, the dataset has been limited to three routes, and Monday to Friday timetable data only so as to prove the concept before potentially rolling out for other routes.

Geographic coverage

  • Bury – Tottington
  • Bury – Jericho – Rochdale
  • Bury – Rawtenstall – Burnley or Bacup

Please note

  • It has become clear that there is a limit to the length (999) of farestage numbers that can be provided through TransXChange. Most of those used by Rosso are six digit numbers which has caused some issues. The last three digits of the of the six digit farestage numbers have been used for TransXChange which means they aren’t strictly unique anymore.

    It should still however, be straightforward to map sequential farestage numbers as featured in the faretables. Rosso has several Y-shaped routes with different farestages where two separate routes join up at some point for a combined frequency and cause the sequential farestages to become mismatched, hence the need for a mapping of some sort.

Attribution: Attribute source data from Rosso Bus

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