Hourly and 15 minute meteorological data from a weather station in Leeds. Please note the change of location of the station as below.

Readings were taken at:

  • Pottery Fields: Long: -1.543237, Lat: 53.787769 from 01/01/2008 - 21/03/2011.
  • Knowsthorpe Gate: Long: -1.543237, Lat: 53.787769 from 22/03/2011 - 01/07/18.

Wind Direction - is the mean direction for the period in degrees.

Wind Speed - meters per second

Standard deviation of Wind Direction (in degrees) - a measure of how much the direction fluctuated form the direction given over that period.

Temperature - degrees Celsius.

Global Radiation - watts / m2  = intensity of sunlight

Relative humidity - % of moisture in the air.


The data is as retrieved off the met mast and no guarantee can be given to its accuracy.

There have been some sense checks periodically when data has been required for specific purposes. There are periods where the bearings in the wind vane have not been moving freely and may have affected accuracy of the direction in low wind speeds etc..


Blank sections are due to servicing of, or faults with the equipment.

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