The virtual survey dataset is an experimental snapshot of basic building parameters consisting of:-

  • Age Band
  • Property Type
  • Built Form
  • System /Construction Type
  • Main Wall Construction

The data has been derived, using existing data on Council Housing and using GIS in combination with internet maps/street view, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data, building control notifications scheme installation data, and estate scale planning applications.

No warranty is made as to the accuracy of the data, which is often subjective. Age Band for example is probably accurate to within one band. For example a property listed as “1900-1929” may actually be “Pre-1900”.

Further information

  • System - indicates the type of construction. Some houses are called 'system build' which refers to a variety of methods of construction houses, and the “System” is the name given by the manufacturer of builder. The majority came in after the second world war, when there was shortage of houses & a need to provide dwellings quickly and at low cost. Some types were only intended to be temporary – with a lifespan of 20-30 years. Their construction varies, but generally they fall into ones which are built around a steel or concrete frame / timber frame; or “Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete” (PRC).
  • Trad_NonTrad - O indicates other eg caravans

Please note

The data will not be 100% accurate and will be updated on an ad hoc basis.


UK Open Government Licence
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