This is a working copy of the Leeds City Council Area public rights of way. It is not a legal document and does not replace the Definitive Map. It should only be used as an indication of public rights of way on the published date and will not include any changes made after that date. It should not be used for determining the position or alignment of public rights of way, legal searches or conveyancing purposes. 


The claims layer does not shown legally recorded public rights of way and the information in this layer should never be purported to show routes that are legally available to the public as many are not. They are claimed paths that need investigating and may never be recorded on the Definitive Map. 


Viewing the data in more detail than 1:10,560 may produce and inaccurate rendering of the line of the public rights of way. The Authorities data contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown Copyrights 2023

UK Open Government Licence
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