A dataset providing the background, list of solutions and outcome for the age friendly innovation lab. 

The lab was held on Monday 1st June 2015 to Tuesday 2nd June 2015 and commissioned by Adult Social Care, Leeds City Council. 

Development question

  1. Data Question: Can we use open data to identify where older people live in the city? And how do we create a useful interface to communicate this to the council, NHS and voluntary sector. 
  2. Hardware Question: Can we define prototype assistive technology that will help older people remain in their homes and help them on a day-to-day basis. 


Mesh box developed by WetGenes, this was taken forward for the Nominet Trust Digital Culture and Aging Award. 

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To find out about urban sustainability labs click on the following link: http://sustainabledevelopmentlab.com/

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Age friendly innovation lab - number 1

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Age friendly innovation lab - number 1