The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) publishes EPC data, licenced under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0., providing information on the energy performance of buildings to help contribute towards the Government’s climate change adaptation and greenhouse gas emission reduction policies.

The certificates detail data for each property’s current and potential performance for a number of indicators; the difference between the two can therefore be seen as the potential capacity for improvement (CfI). As a result, the CfI of each property has been calculated for the following areas:

  • Energy Efficiency (£/m²/year)
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/m²)
  • CO₂ Emissions (tonnes/year)
  • Lighting Costs (£/year)
  • Heating Costs (£/year)
  • Hot Water Heating Costs (£/year)
  • Total Costs (£/year)

Details about the calculations can be found in the methodology document. Full details about this derived dataset, along with visualisations by ward, can be found on the ODI Leeds website.

Note that the geography data associated with each EPC is provided in a separate dataset as it has different licensing restrictions.

Note: This is a processed dataset derived from official published sources. It may contain alterations, aggregations or cleaned-up versions of data published elsewhere.

Please note, this dataset may be a one-off publication and may not be updated.

UK Open Government Licence
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EPC Datasets Column Key and Descriptions

This file contains the units and fuller descriptions of column headings in the main data file.

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Leeds EPC Dataset - Capacity for Improvement

The key for the columns is included in a separate file