This data contains Emergency Department attendances, emergency admissions and alcohol related admissions for Stockport residents, aggregated by LSOA.

The data provided for each item is the direct age-standardised rate per 100,000, for all persons, males only and females only. An assessment of the statistical significance of each data point is also provided. Information on how direct age-standardisation is applied can be found in the technical documentation below.

Data covers the three financial years 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16.

AllED: All Emergency Department Attendances

MaleED: Male Emergency Department Attendances

FemaleED: Female Emergency Department Attendances

AllEDSig: All Emergency Department Attendances Significance

MaleEDSig: Male Emergency Department Attendances Significance

FemEDSig: Female Emergency Department Attendances Significance

AllEmAdm: All Emergency Admissions

MaleEmAdm: Male Emergency Admissions

FemEmAdm: Female Emergency Admissions

AllEmSig: All Emergency Admissions Significance

MaleEmSig: Male Emergency Admissions Significance

FemEmSig: Female Emergency Admissions Significance

AllAlcAdm: All Alcohol Related Admissions

MalAlcAdm: Male Alcohol Related Admissions

FemAlcAdm: Female Alcohol Related Admissions

AlcAdmSig: All Alcohol Related Admissions Significance

MaleAlcSi: Male Alcohol Related Admissions Significance

FemAlcSig: Female Alcohol Related Admissions Significance


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