A dataset providing a link to Ordnance Survey open data products. These tools are available to download free of charge under an open government licence.

The tools are:

  • OS Open Map - local (beta) a detailed, street level, vector mapping open data product.
  • OS Open names - definitive place names, road numbers and post codes in Great Britain. 
  • OS Open rivers (beta) - a high level view of the water network, with generalised geometry and network connectivety. 
  • OS Open roads - a high level view of Britains road network, 
  • Boundary Line - a full hierarchy of British administrative and electoral boundaries. 
  • OS Street view - a generalised and simplified street level raster map.
  • Code-Point Open - all current postcode units in Great Britain.
  • OS vector map district - overlay your own information on a customisable map background. 
  • 1:25000 - the former OS travel map in a image format
  • OS terrain 50 - Regional scale height grid and contours that will add the 3D elements to your analysis
  • Strategi - a regional overview of road networks, railway lines, cities and rural wooded areas. 
  • Meridian 2 - digital maps customisable for communication and topographical themes and route planning. 
  • Miniscale - a clear and uncluttered national map, ideal for publishing or sales territory planning. 
  • Land form PANORAMA - dataset enabling environmental analysis. 
  • OS locator - a searchable gazetteer of road names. 
  • 1: 50000 - offering over 250 000 placenames and areas of interest (to be withdrawn in 2017)
UK Open Government Licence
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