Housing land supply in Leeds

Created 3 years ago, updated 3 months ago

This dataset shows information on development sites which contribute to the housing land supply in Leeds. These figures relate only to the supply of housing units on allocated sites and those with planning permission.  It provides details on the size of sites, numbers of dwellings per site and whether the land is brownfield or greenfield.

Dataset guidance

  • Site: Site reference number
  • Planning Ref: Planning approval reference
  • SHLAA Ref: Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment reference
  • Status: C = current site
  • Perm area: Area of site with planning permission in hectares
  • No perm area: Area of site with no planning permission in hectares
  • Capacity: Total capacity of site in units
  • None: Number of units without planning permission
  • Outline: Number of outstanding units with outline planning permission
  • Detailed: Number of outstanding units with detailed planning permission
  • Started: Number of units started
  • Complete: Number of units complete
  • Under con: Number of units under construction
  • Not yet started: Number of units not yet started
  • Brown: Number of units on brownfield land
  • Green: Number of units on greenfield land