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Leeds City Council publishes details of all officers earning over £50,000, including the top three tiers of its senior management. The top three tiers are regarded as the Chief Executive, Directors, and Chief Officers who report to a Director.

If you have any queries relating to this dataset or wish to get in touch with one of the senior officers in the council, please email in the first instance.

Please note

There are occasions where payment is made to individuals which may cross the ceiling threshold, where one of the following reasons may apply:

  • Temporary payment (honoraria) for taking on extra duties or project work (e.g. Tour de France) for short periods.
  • One off payments connected with leaving employment under our Early Leavers Initiative.
  • This dataset will be updated in September in line with the publication of the council's annual Statement of Accounts.

Please also note that the Chief Executive takes a voluntary 4.95% reduction to his salary.

Local Government Transparency Code 2015

2020/21  (1.3 kB)
2019/20  (119 kB)
2018/19  (106.14 kB)
2017/18  (103.04 kB)
2016/17  (79.69 kB)
2015/16  (101.38 kB)
2014/15  (102.68 kB)
2013/14  (79.69 kB)
2012/13  (26.37 kB)