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    Tenancy and residents groups

    Registered tenancy and residents groups in Leeds. Please note  This dataset was produced as a one off for the city intelligence innovation lab. To find out about the lab...
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    Council house rehousing timescales

    Dataset contains the number of weeks taken to house the last applicant in a property, shows the year they were housed, their housing priority status, the type of property and...
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    Council house bids and lettings

    A dataset providing the number of bids per letting, by year, area, property type. Also contained is information about the winning applicant's housing priority and the year in...
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    Council homes with property and letting attributes

    A dataset providing Leeds City Council houses by address, includes build date, property type, property size and type, suitable for pets, heating type, restriction on who the...
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    Tenanted housing stock

    This provides data on all council housing which are currently tenanted, i.e. not empty properties. It provides details on property type, area, ward, and by post code sector....
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    Council tax charges

    Council tax charges information by property band
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    Groups and organisations working with the homeless in Leeds City Centre

    This dataset lists the support groups and organisations working with homeless people in Leeds City Centre.
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    Noise abatement notices

    A dataset providing a list of Section 80 (noise abatement) notices issued by Leeds City Council. An abatement notice can be served by the local authority if they are satisfied...
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    City wide empty properties trends

    This dataset shows monthly trends for: The total number of empty properties (regardless of tenure or how long empty) Long term (6 months plus) empty private sector properties...
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    S106 planning agreements

    This dataset provides details of all Section 106 Agreements entered into between developers and Leeds City Council. Section 106 agreements are private agreements negotiated...