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    Tenanted housing stock

    This provides data on all council housing which are currently tenanted, i.e. not empty properties. It provides details on property type, area, ward, and by post code sector....
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    City wide empty properties trends

    This dataset shows monthly trends for: The total number of empty properties (regardless of tenure or how long empty) Long term (6 months plus) empty private sector properties...
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    Private sector long term empty properties by ward

    This dataset show long term empty properties (6 months+) in the private sector. Please note Due to technical problems at the time, the data listed between May 2013 and July...
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    Planning applications

    Dataset showing completed planning applications. This dataset includes the property address the application relates to, type of application and outcome. Please refer to guidance...
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    Planning statutory newspaper notices

    This dataset lists all the planning statutory newspaper notices which are published in the local print media, and on the Leeds City Dashboard. Additional information For...
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    Leeds one stop centres and joint service centres

    A dataset of all one stop centres and joint service centres in the Leeds area. The dataset includes services provided by the centres, accessibility, opening times and geospatial...
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    Housing of multiple occupation licence register

    The Housing of Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence register shows if a landlord has been issued with a HMO licence for his or her property and the expiry date of the licence. New...
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    Council housing stock

    Data set showing Council Housing Stock, including sold and demolished dwellings.
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    Housing land supply in Leeds

    This dataset shows information on development sites which contribute to the housing land supply in Leeds. These figures relate only to the supply of housing units on allocated...
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    Community trigger indicator for anti-social behaviour

    A dataset providing a breakdown of the key performance indicators for anti-social behaviour (ASB) case reviews. Community triggers are special cases where repeated anti-social...