This shortened online register shows if a landlord has been issued with a Selective Licence for his/her property and the expiry date of the licence.

New licence applications will not appear on the register until they have been processed and issued. Similarly, licences that are no longer in force will not appear on the register.

It is an offence for a person to have control of, or manage a licensable property without a licence or without applying for a licence. If you are a managing agent, should you engage in any business activity with an unlicensed property you may be committing an offence and could potentially face formal legal action consisting of either a prosecution or civil penalty.

Contact us

· If you have any queries in relation to a property which has been licensed, or which you feel should be licensed, please contact the Selective Licensing Team on 0113 535 1369 or email: [email protected].

·  If you would like to see the full length register of licences issued and /or Temporary Exemption Notices (TENs) , please contact the Selective Licensing Team on 0113 535 1369 or email [email protected]. to make an appointment.

Some properties are the subject of a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN). The TEN data set can be found here .

·  Can we make this dataset even better? What's useful to you? Get in touch with us at [email protected] - we'd love to hear from you!

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