A dataset providing a set of information to help practitioners dealing with cases of domestic violence and abuse, including honour based violence and forced marriage.

Included are leaflets for distribution to affected clients, as well as risk assessment forms and the process for making a Claire’s Law request.

These documents have been published in preparation for a Leeds City Council innovation lab focusing on support services in Leeds and domestic violence

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For more information regarding the innovation lab visit: http://leedsdatamill.org/community/events/supporting-leeds-innovation-lab/

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Health well-being and care
23 files
Adult safety plan (8.28 kB)Apr 2016

Source: Leeds City Council

Local and national support agencies (312.14 kB)Apr 2016

Source: Leeds domestic violence and abuse website

Clares Law-victim leaflet (245.06 kB)Apr 2016

Source: West Yorkshire Police

Clares Law- third party leaflet (245.97 kB)Apr 2016

Source: West Yorkshire Police

Domestic violence disclosure scheme (Clares Law) information (942.07 kB)Apr 2016

Source: Leeds Domestic Violence and Abuse website

Forced marriage factsheet (194.73 kB)Apr 2016

Source: Caada (Coordinated Action Against Domestic Violence)

4R's of Honour Based Violence (6.42 kB)Apr 2016

Source: Wigan Council

Information sharing - how to seek consent (91.60 kB)Apr 2016

Source: Department for Education

Safety planning for young people (481.98 kB)Apr 2016

Source: Leeds City Council