This flooding grants dataset shows grants awarded to businesses affected by the Christmas 2015 floods in Leeds. Businesses can apply for two grants as detailed below. Each line represents a single grant awarded to a business.

Grant types

  • Relief grants help businesses get back up and running after being affected by the flooding.
  • Resilience grants help businesses install preventative flood risk measures. 

Formal Leeds City Council Section 19 Flooding Investigation Reports

The extent to which any particular flooding incident is formally investigated is determined on a case-by-case basis considering factors such as the likely source, duration, severity and impact of the particular flood event.

One of our duties as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) under the Flood and Water Management Act (FWMA) 2010, is to investigate significant flood events that occur within the district of Leeds, as deemed necessary.

Although the FWMA does not specify that the LLFA must resolve the flooding issue, the report will try to identify actions which may reduce the future likelihood of similar events occurring, or identify measures to mitigate the impacts of the flooding.

For all such formal investigations, the LLFA must investigate the cause of the flooding, publish the results of the investigation and notify any of the identified flood risk management authorities involved.

Please find Leeds City Council's formal Section 19 Flood Investigation reports listed below:     

  • Storm Eva flood event, 25th - 29th December 2015
  • South East Leeds, 8th and 10th August 2014

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA):

The PFRA identifies areas where there is significant flood risk. It covers the risk of flooding from local sources, namely Ordinary Watercourses, surface water (overland runoff) and groundwater. It does not directly consider flooding from main rivers. This report has helped us to develop our strategy to manage local flooding in Leeds.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (LFRMS):

As Lead Local Flood Authority for Leeds, Leeds City Council has developed a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy. The scope of this strategy covers all sources of flooding. It focuses on ‘local flooding’ that originates from ordinary watercourses, surface water, sewers (rainfall only) and groundwater. It also includes Main River flooding and although this is primarily the Environment Agency’s responsibility; however, its inclusion here allows the impact on the local situation to be recognised. The purpose of this strategy is to guide the activities undertaken by Risk Management Authorities operating in the metropolitan district of Leeds. These are Leeds City Council, the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water Services, Ainsty Internal Drainage Board and Highways England.

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